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All about the Lion Head Rabbit. These cute little fluffy rabbits have big personalities and are very friendly and playful, their temperaments are very well mannered and they make good house pets for both children and adults. The Lion Head rabbits are very smart and they demand lot’s of attention. Lion Head rabbits are a fairly new breed to the United States. Even though they have been around sense 1998. They were only just recognized in 2014 by the American Rabbit Breeders Association as a approved breed. The Lion Head breed and their varieties and colors had already been approved in the United Kingdom by the British Rabbit Council in 2002. Lion Heads are very small rabbits that come in many colors and can grow up to 3lbs, their most known characteristics features are; their mane’s which could come in single mane or double mane resembling as that of a Lion’s mane. The Lion Heads are considered to be the more fancier breeds, and are often used as show rabbits.

The Lion Head rabbits have a very short life span so I suggest you love them while you can, they only live to be about 8 to 10 years old. Lion Heads are very fun and lovable and they will bounce right into your heart. I want to thank all of the Lion Head parents who contributed to this article by sending in your photos. I was inspired to write this article to bring awareness of animal cruelty to all breeds of rabbits in general; who are being abused and neglected. To help save, donate or rescue a rabbit check out organizations such as; House Rabbit Society @ http://www.rabbit.org or Peta @ http://www.peta.org. For more info about the Lion Head rabbit a good read would be The Complete Owner’s Guide To The Lion Head Bunnies; by Ann L. Fletcher which can be purchased on Amazon. To read full article and to see photos of the Lion Heads click link below.

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Antelope Canyon

Experience¬†¬†Ancient Culture by walking¬†through the Navajo’s Reservation of the Upper and Lower parts of Antelope Canyon a Navajo’s tour guide will take you through some of the most beautiful rock formations in the world Antelope Canyon¬†is located Southwest just east of¬†Page, Arizona Navajo’s named¬†Upper Antelope Canyon (Tse Bighanillini) which means (the place where water runs through)which is (600ft) deep¬†and¬†named Lower Antelope Canyon¬†( Hazdistaz) which stands for (Spiral Rock Arches) which is (1,335ft) deep.The rocks were formed from erosion of Navajo Sandstone from flash flooding¬†I did this tour from Sedona to Flagstaff¬†through one reasonably price tour company called Great Venture Tours they¬†also do stops to Grand Canyon, Glen,Canyon and Lake¬†Powell etc. check¬†them out¬†on the web @ http://www.greatventures.com if you just want to do a single tour of Antelope Canyon¬†or a good custom Photography Scenic¬†Tour get tour prices @ ¬†www.antelopeslotcanyon.com¬†get some really nice views of¬†the canyon when the Spring¬†weather is just right go March-May when there’s no¬†Moon Soon’s going on when it¬†hits in June¬† there will be lots of rain and it will ruin the whole experience ¬†I have uploaded¬†my best shots of the¬†Canyon¬†below¬† I will be¬†including a description of¬†one rock that had a spiritual affect on me. A trip I took¬†in May 2015 alone with Glen¬†Canyon and Lake Powell.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† This rock above had a spiritual affect on me I didn’t realize it at first and it came¬†on me as soon as I walked up to it not only¬†did the rock had some¬†really unique formations to it like you can see¬†two giant Dragon Heads and it¬†seem¬†to appear as if a figurement¬† of a Ghost and man’s shadow¬† appeared to be¬†engraved¬† on to one of the rocks¬†look at the¬†bottom left corner¬†of this¬†photo and¬†you will see a male presence he seem to be wearing a sock hat and a scarf¬† now it could be¬†just me¬†the and the¬†lighting¬†of the¬†formation of the rock but it sure looks like a spirit to me.

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Next Stop Key West and the Little Town of Havana,Miami

Little known facts about my adventurous time out there in Key West, FL ¬†and Little Havana,Miami the people in the city of Key West are so laid back you just¬†might run into one of them nude the people of Key West are best known for¬†drinking,paryting and walking around town completely in the¬†nude wearing nothing but body paint and¬†get this it’s legal¬†while being educated by the tour guide about some of Key West¬†other unique quirks we had a stop downtown to shop and check out some other cool tours like the Glass Bottom Boat Tour you can catch some nice¬†views of¬†tropical plants, fish , and the only living coral¬† reef right beneath your feet I did the¬†Glass Bottom Boat & Sunset Cruise a Eco friendly tour through¬†Fury Cat Adventure¬†Tour¬†see tours and admission prices @ http://www.furycat.com also on this city tour you will see the Southern Most¬†Point and Ernest Hemingway’s¬†house checkout tours and admission @www.hemingwayhome.com nice place to take a quick bight to eat would be¬†the one and only first opened Famous Sloppy Joe’s Bar & Saloon¬†the¬†locals favorite menu¬† and prices @ http://www.sloppyjoes.com.¬†While on the¬†long drive back to Miami¬†I got a nice view of the Old Seven Mile Bridge also several parts of this¬†bridge and¬†it’s location¬† were used in the¬†filming of the 1994¬†movie¬†True Lies¬†¬†to help save and restore the Old Seven Mile Bridge you can read up¬† info and donate @ http://www.friendsofoldseven.org. Little Havana, Miami Cuban Culture, Art, Music, and Food as I walked a couple of blocks down to¬†Little Havana the first thing I smell were Cuban Cigars, food and¬†the sound of energetic music playing and¬†people having their self’s a good time¬†in a laid back¬†atmosphere playing dominos. I got my first taste of¬† Cuban food at Exquisito Restaurant check out menu and¬†prices¬†@ http://www.exquistorestaurant.com. I have lots of pictures from¬† my experience but I can’t take credit for all of them I was given permission by Friends of Old Seven Mile Bridge Organization as well as¬† The Heming Way Home and Key West City Hall.¬†I give full¬†accreditation to¬†each photo that I did not take to it’s original Owner and¬†Organization a¬†trip I did in March,2013.Key West,FL¬† Famous Sloppy Joe’s Bar & Saloon

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Surfside Florida/Bluegreen Resorts

Surfside Florida is a little town nestled along side Miami Beach with miles of white sandy beaches and plenty of luxury beachfront hotels with¬†world class shopping it’s a very culturally diverse city so you will find plenty of¬†amazing restaurants to fit your taste buds variety of activities and year round events so your whole family can have fun. To find out more info on The Town Of Surfside go to http://www.visitsurfsidefl.com. I was lucky enough to get¬†a room at one the 5 star rated beachfront properties at¬†Bluegreen Vacations¬† Solara Surfside Ascend Resort to get booked at this resort visit http://www.bluegreenvacations.com I have uploaded some of my favorite pic’s below¬†from this trip retro style¬†¬†just click see all March 2013.

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